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On my last day of holiday, I’m working on developing my artist’s statement. I get hung up in wanting to come up with the whole brilliant concept and design and url and theme and layout before doing anything, so I’m starting with the statement.

Along that line, I think I better make a statement about 2005. I know this year will be full of change, and it’s very daunting indeed. I’ve been so safe, huddling here in my government job. But the stronger this artist is becoming the more I know I’m coming to a bend in the road.

New Year’s resolutions by rule tend to be very specific, often doomed statements about your goals for cleansing and perfecting your life ins some manner. I am however on a quest to come to terms with my humanness, to become rooted in the truth I am always seeking, to emerge from this veil of security and complacent comfort that I swore to myself about five years ago I would never let entangle or shackle me. So I don’t want to resolve anything specific, while at the same time I don’t want to omit this annual chance to scrutinize myself and change.

So generally, I want to develop some bodies of work, expanding on some of my paintings, taking people up on offers to do commissioned work. For myself, exploring the themes of the soil of my heritage – old images and texts and tales from the farm. I want to study print-making when I first get a chance. I want to frequent the alternate spaces and galleries while I have the chance, living in the city.

I want to be a follower, more than I have been, and walk in the themes of community and belonging in the kingdom. To commit more to the values I’ve adopted. To be a vessel. To explore God in my art. To experiment with recording the prophetic through art.

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