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“The larger loneliness of our lives evolves from our unwillingness to spend ourselves, stir ourselves.” – Carol Shields

“It is customary to complain of the bustle and strenuousness of our
epoch. But in truth the chief mark of our epoch is a profound laziness
and fatigue; and the fact is that the real laziness is the cause of the
apparent bustle. Take one quite external case; the streets are noisy
with taxicabs and motorcars; but this is not due to human activity but
to human repose. There would be less bustle if there were more activity, if people were simply walking about. Our world would be more silent if it were more strenuous. And this which is true of the apparent physical bustle is true also of the apparent bustle of the intellect. Most of the machinery of modern language is labour-saving machinery; and it saves mental labour very much more than it ought.”

– G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, ch. 8

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