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I “finished” my soybean painting again. It’s not done yet, I can feel it, but again it is something I can tolerate having hanging in the living room. My husband has finally come to terms with the fact that it is basically my own personal chalkboard that I can scribble on when the fancy strikes. I guess I could paint more of them in the same theme, since I do need to work on creating series concepts if I’m ever going to exhibit or pull together a portfolio. Maybe no one else wants to look at soybean plants.

Next project though – a self-portrait. I haven’t done one yet – actually I have a vague recollection of doing one in about grade nine and I used a pallette of eye shadow to colour it in…we went to see Curtis’ self-portrait exhibited in a local gallery and there were all sorts of interesting self-portrait paintings. No idea what it would end up like – most definitely would involve some kind of text or automatic writing and abstraction. And of course I can’t shake the influence of….

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