Golden Mean

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Golden Mean assignment
Golden Mean assignment

As part of my fine arts studies at Emily Carr, I spent the day putting together an art project to demonstrate “the golden mean.” There were lots of rules: it had to be black and white, had to consist of less than 5 photocopied images (although repeating and resizing these images was fine), had to have a balance of positive and negative space, had to have flow and movement. I had trouble narrowing down themes and eliminating peripheral elements, but Curtis has a better compositional eye because of photography so he was appointed advisor (can’t really get out of that role, since we share a workspace. He was also roped into scanning and printing images to scale).

Too bad my assignment wasn’t to create a bird’s eye view of the Lower Mainland, because that’s what my composition looks like so far. My theme is the farm and quilt–my farming background is the most important theme in my work as an artist.

I planted a second garden in the ground: should have enough lettuce and tomatoes and basil to feed us and supply installments of these crops to friends. In a few months.

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