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I found my Grandpa’s 1929 composition workbook from 50 years before the picture (previous post) was taken.

Grandpa's notebook from 1929
Grandpa’s 1929 composition notebook, age 9

Grandpa’s 1929 composition notebook, age 9

A Trip by Aeroplane

Once upon a time there lived a little boy who’s name was Jack Eberle. He always wanted to fly an aeroplane so one day he decided to build one.

He went out to his father’s workshop and got a hammer, saw and some nails. Then he went to the mill and got some lumber. His two brothers, Wilson and Morley were to help him. Finally after a day’s work they had it just about completed.

That night when they were sitting at the table Wilson said, “Where is your engine?”

Jack replied, “That is my secret.”

The next morning they got up early and went out to the aeroplane. By noon they had it completed. After dinner they went out again. Jack went to the pig pen and got the pig on a rope and led it out to the aeroplane. Then he tied one end on the pig’s tail and the other on the plane and went and sit down in the pilot’s seat.

Then he said, “I guess we’re ready for the start. Get the dog and sick him on the pig.” The pig gave a leap forward and the plane rose off the ground. The dog kept after the pig and all went well. The dog stopped to git his wind and the pig also stopped and the plane crashed into a tree.

[TEACHER RESPONDED:] A very silly story–I said an aeroplane TRIP–that means in the AIR not on the earth. However you made few errors in grammar.

Page 2 of story, with teacher’s interesting comments.

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