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My mother reported to me that the contractors doing renovations on the farmhouse discovered one of my old diaries hidden in my ceiling tiles!

I don’t remember hiding a journal there, but it seems like something I would do – I always dreamed of finding real treasures from the past, and was planting my own seeds for the future – for example throwing a penny into the trees by grandpa and grandma’s, thinking it would not corrode and someone would eventually find this really old coin.And in some of my childhood journals, I would write, “hello mabel, sarah, amy, christine, andrea, denise, theresa, stacy…” thinking that one of my future children would have one of those names, and would think I was talking to her from the past…

Needless to say I’m still enjoying my genealogical discoveries.  This just in: my Grandma Duck’s mother was a Cadotte.  The history has been traced back to Mathurin Cadot born 1605 born in  Anjera Anjou,France. He came to Montreal in 1651.  Then they went to Wolfe Island in the St Lawrence and manufactured ships or sailing vessels.  They inter-married with natives of the Ojiway Tribe.  Jean Baptiste Cadotte (Cadeau)  was a fur trader in the Lake Superior Region.  His son established the permanent trading post at La Pointe on Madelaine Island   Wisconsin.  They started the town of Cadott Wisconsin.

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