Vancouver galleries

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Autumn is one of the most creative times of the year for me. The smell of the air alone—with a hint of smoke and crisping leaves—after the staleness of summer, would suffice to motivate me. But add the warm colours and the contrasts of changeable skies, and the idea of returning to school, and I become very inspired.

This fall, I immersed myself in contemporary art, a subject I have ironically barely studied. Over the period of eight weeks, I saw no less than thirty-five galleries in Vancouver and on the Sunshine Coast, and read about dozens of contemporary artists, movements, and theories. I absorbed as much as possible about modern art, conceptualism, and photography while still holding down my day job. This new found context has given me a sense of purpose in creating art. I also discovered that my writing and art need not be at odds, for exploring ideas is the essence of contemporary art.

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