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The first two months of life with a new baby have been gracious to me. Lillia is a fairly good baby, feeding and growing well. I felt like making something for her, so I have been gathering leaves and silver dollars and other things inspired by nature to make mobiles. I have now made 3 mobiles – the silver dollar one is calmest and hangs over her cradle. The most colourful is to entertain her over the change table, and the final one is for our living room since we spend a lot of time in there.

I am always so incredibly inspired by fall. The other day I went to the art gallery with a friend and our babies and saw the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, went to Artigiano’s for coffee, browsed in Chapters and the library. It was such an inspiring day. I love being able to use the ergo carrier and not have to use a stroller -  feel free to walk around unencumbered. Changing a baby in the art gallery, on the other hand, where there were no change tables and I had to do it on a tiny space between the sinks was not so glamourous.

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