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30Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I am 10958 days old today. Lillia is 64 days old. I’d like to have something profound today, but like my ancestors I’m sticking to the facts of what I did that day. I have my great-grandmother’s journal from 1912 and I sometimes try to read in between the lines and imagine what she thought or felt about her daily life. I feel especially connected to her through the journals and artifacts I have because I spent a lot of time as a child with my great aunt, in the house where my great grandparents lived.

One thing I’d like to record is how non-permanent most of my communications are. We write emails to our family chronicling events, but don’t print them. On facebook I regularly converse with quite a few people. But unlike my great grandmother’s journal and letter collection, and even printed photos, there won’t be much of a paper trail left for my own great grandchildren to find.

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