Caleb Matteo

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caleb and mommyWe were surprised to welcome our new baby, Caleb Matteo, into the world on Wednesday May 20, 2009 at 5:13 pm. He weighed 7lb and 2oz. His due date was June 8, so he was almost three weeks early.

I went into early labour while I was still at work on May 19, but tried to ignore it. Contractions continued till I went to bed. Woke up with painful regular contractions at 2:30 am. We tried to sleep and rest while timing contractions, packing our bag, making labour-aid, and getting Curtis’ mom to come over to watch Lillia. Contractions slowed down around 7:30, so I went to bed till noon and slept between contractions. Then got up and moved around, increasing the contractions. We went to Royal Columbian Hospital at 2:45 pm and met our midwife. I was at about 6cm. Continued labouring without medication till 4:35 pm. We broke the water and after some crazy, intense labour, the baby was born at 5:13 pm. We are so thankful for an uncomplicated, natural birth and a healthy baby!

The baby is feeding well, and mom is recovering fine. We only stayed in the hospital till 11:30 pm on May 20. Lillia is doing well as a big sister. She especially finds diaper changes and the baby’s sounds interesting. Mom and dad have scrambled to arrange furniture for the new baby, but everything is going really well. Come on by for a visit!

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