Processing creativity

Recently I remembered a time…a somewhat distant past before I had kids…when I wrote a blog. As I read the old posts, I became excited about using blogging as a way to creatively process life again. In my work, I use creativity and writing every day, but not to express my personal views and connection with nature, seasons, faith, and life.

I also plan to catch up some posts on the incredibly creative period between spring 2007 and the present, when I gave birth twice, and went through a huge transformation. I won’t pretend that I was actually blogging during that period, but I might backdate a few posts based on journal entries or art to capture some of the beautiful moments of creativity like making mobiles out of natural elements, and teaching my 3.5 year old how to draw.

I’m excited about the impact the creative writing process has on my overall clarity and connection with who I am and the importance of the bigger picture in my frenzied life. In my mid-thirties, working full time, raising two toddlers, sorting out my faith.

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  1. Hey Nancy, welcome back to blogging! I’m glad you found your voice again.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you and yours are well!

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