Making things: bean bags

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Handmade bean bags
Handmade bean bags

For my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday, she asked if we could have a carnival, inspired by the one her aunt recently organized for the kids at our family reunion. What a simple, fun party that would be. Her favourite games involved bean bags, so today we made some. After some quick web surfing for ideas, we packed a 2 kg bag of lentils and some scraps of fabric and headed to the kids’ Grandma’s house where we cut out these out and decorated them. The pink ones feature handmade lace from some old family pillowcases. The little ribbon tags were a cute addition I saw here. [Interestingly, I just read on to discover that this girl was not allowed to sell bean bags with looped ribbon on etsy because someone patented it! Good thing I wasn’t planning to sell them – I’m too messy of a sewer anyway.]

Who knew beanbags would be such a hit? My daughter, especially, was thrilled and played with and rearranged them all afternoon.

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