Why blog?

Something I made from scratch for my son, just because that’s the kind of thing I do when I’m not reading a book.

Another blogger recently shared why she blogs. Since many of you have only recently discovered my blog, I thought I would share why I write it.

Why do I blog? The same reason I make lampshades out of rice paper and leaves, stay up late thinking about paintings I could create, and make iced tea out of weeds. I am creative, and I process my life through writing and art.

I could easily do all these things without broadcasting my thoughts publicly. The reason I picked up blogging again was to try to connect some seriously disconnected spheres. One of my values is to be real–honest, transparent, and full of life. With my busy work schedule and parenting routine, I don’t think my real-life acquaintances have the opportunity to get to know me. I hope my blog will bridge the disconnect and lead to life-giving experiences when we do meet again next.

Why do you blog? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. phrogmom

    i blog to try to connect. i live in a small town and haven’t found any people here that i can feel a sense of community with. while my time is easily consumed by my family and my projects, i love being able to share what i am doing. i find i need people to brainstorm with, and i love finding ideas and inspirations in the projects of others!

  2. puresusan

    I blog for two reasons. One, I want to connect people who may find their beliefs & passions are similar to mine. I feel like I have new friends around the world 🙂 Two, I use it as a way to formulate what I believe in… what matters most to me. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by errands, chores, work, etc… Blogging helps me focus on what is important in my life.

  3. restlesssabbath

    Thanks for your thoughts. I can totally relate to the small town – I grew up on a farm and didn’t mean many “kindred spirits” until I moved to the city. It’s great to connect this way. I also love getting inspiration from other creative people through blogging.

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