Old negatives

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I have a stack of negatives, about 90-100 years old, that my parents salvaged from “The Old House” which stood a few hundred metres from my childhood home. It was the home of my Great Grandfather’s brother, Harvey Duck. On a whim I decided to try scanning some of them to see the details better.

There is something mysterious about seeing these people who spent most of their days working the land where I wandered alone as a child, looking for fragments of the past.

The box where I keep old photos, postcards, and negatives
A couple women in hats
There are tons of photos of pets, especially dogs.
Unknown workers behind “The Old Shed” that still stands on our farm, but I wasn’t aware of the other barns in the background. They appear to be near my Grandparents’ house.
Threshing somewhere on our farm

I liked the hats in this photo – not sure who they are or from what time period, but they were probably on a trip to Niagara Falls.

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  1. this is very very cool! a glimpse into the past!!

  2. I really love the irony of keeping all the beautiful memories of the past in Pandora’s box. Seems when Pandora open her famous box all escaped with one exception and that was “Hope” I think that is fitting for a place to store memories.

  3. Great post. I’m slightly envious. You are so lucky that your parents salvaged the negatives. Very few photos have survived the years in my family–

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