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A detail of one of my new painting, in progress

Somewhat spontaneously, I pulled together my first artist submission last month to exhibit my work, and I just found out that I was selected. It is a small two-month show at a local museum, and will be the first line on my cv.

Really the first step on my artistic journey was pushing myself through the Artist’s Way twice. For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s 12-week creativity workshop. The first time, I went through most of the book but did not make any concrete moves.

I picked the book up a couple years later, and this time had my breakthrough – I established a concrete goal – to sign up for one art class at Emily Carr, since I lived in Vancouver within biking distance of the school.

After the first class, I loved it and managed to work through a certificate program in art and one in Marketing & Professional Writing (SFU) while working full time. By the time I finished the programs, I was having my first baby, then working full time in communications and having another baby.

Now that I sleep through the night again, most of the time, and have settled back into work (a year and a half full time), I am ready to move forward again on the art career. It’s exciting, and I’m curious to know what direction my path will take.

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  1. puresusan

    Best wishes to you. It takes a lot of guts to follow a dream but you are doing it 🙂 It’s encouragement for the rest of us out there who are still a bit chicken about taking that leap.

    • restlesssabbath

      It took a lot to get to this point – and I think it will take a lot more for me to try a bigger show. Mainly I don’t produce a lot of artwork so the paintings I have I’m pretty attached to. I love that we can all find inspiration from others stories and images.

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