Andy Goldsworthy: worthy of your eye

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Andy Goldsworthy

I hosted my birthday party this weekend. A girls’ night. I wanted to polish the decor a little bit by setting out some of my “adult” things out that are normally out of the reach of little hands. Nothing too scandalous…candles, wine, and my two Andy Goldsworthy art books.

I was thrilled this afternoon when my two-year-old started leafing through “A collaboration with nature” and exclaimed “These are leaves! These things are all rocks!” Both kids snuggled up with me and looked at the whole book, interested in the captions of how the artwork was made. I loved that they could grasp this art and enjoy it. I would recommend it to any parents reading this as a great introduction to art and seeing the beauty in nature to your own kids.

Each installation is so incredible, made of simple leaves, thorns, ice, even holes. Here are a few examples to get you started. When I look at his work, I just want to move into the wilderness and do stuff like this every day.

Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy – ice rings
Andy Goldsworthy

All images copyright Andy Goldsworthy.

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  1. I love Andy Goldsworthy’s work and have been fortunate enought to see some of in person, it’s wonderful particularly as it has a temporary nature. It’s great that your kids got it without any explanationk, maybe they will start making their own when they are out for walks.
    Big love

    • That’s great that you’ve had a chance to see some of his work. I hope Goldsworthy will inspire creativity in my kids, and at least an appreciation for finding beauty in nature.

  2. Amazing work on display here— work of his I haven’t seen. I am always amazed at just how wide the range of tastes Andy Goldsworthy’s work appeals to.

    And those ice rings remind me almost of Jean Dubuffet’s Closerie Falbala (

    In case you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend Rivers and Tides, which is a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy (

    Great post! I can’t wait to follow your example with our 10-month-old!

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