Rainy day creativity

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For the past three weeks I haven’t touched my in-progress painting. But today I woke up with a three-day weekend and nowhere to go on a rainy stormy sort of day. Being Remembrance Day I thought perhaps I should take a stab at painting poppies. Don’t get too excited, because what I ended up with were two more paintings of soybean fields in the works. But I have a plan on one of them to get slightly more realistic than usual and to include actual structures in the field – the well house and ruins of a corn crib.


But to my dismay, I ran out of gesso. I haven’t had to worry about art supplies for quite awhile, having stockpiled acrylic media and canvases when I had a student discount at Opus and cycling proximity to Granville Island. I don’t find the prices at the local art store very good, so I might just have to plan a visit to Vancouver to restock some things.

I also had time to dress up as a queen upon the demand of my four-year-old, and restore a vintage step stool I found discarded along the street near my workplace. It’s been in the garage for several months, and today my two children and I attacked it with disinfectant and the wondrous thing called steel wool. I think I knew steel wool had magical powers since I had a chrome-fendered bicycle as a child. But I could not believe the transformation to the legs of this stool. I am quite satisfied with the result so it is now in our kitchen – hopefully providing a safer roost for our two-year-old at the island. It is the same type of stool we had at my parents’ house that I was nostalgically online-shopping for, and luckily found for free.

I love long weekends.mg_6334-e1

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