Delight-Filled Leaves, a rebranding of sorts

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Standing Leaves, Curtis Hildebrand Photography
Standing Leaves, Curtis Hildebrand Photography

You may have noticed I changed the name and address of my blog! Over the past six months, I’ve been streamlining my posts to focus on art, the creative process, nature, and family.

The new name, a result of much brainstorming, is “Delight-Filled Leaves Art Studio.” Delight captures the mood of the blog, which is meant to be cheerful and inspiring. Add to that “Light-Filled Leaves” which is a phrase I liked in Wendell Berry’s 1979 poem “III,” and you get “Delight-Filled Leaves” The result is the sense of leaves dancing in sunlight, or the fluttering orange fabric of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Gates. It alludes to the leaves I press and integrate into my artwork, and the restoring effect of creation in the cycle of our busy modern life.

My art posts offer you a peek behind-the-scenes at what it is like to create art. In an attempt to network with other creative people out there, I try to focus on the highlights of the artistic process and keep it positive. That doesn’t mean that my process is always pretty or neat. And since I value being real–transparent to a fault–I will occasionally let you see the messy side of being an artist with a day job and a young family.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dee Mallon

    thanks for visiting my blog – when I am not in a rush, I hope to come back, but already I love the look, feel, and tone of yours… The way I read your title is “one filled with delight leaves her studio”!! – which I like as much as the image/concept of leaves filled with light… We all do need to get outside, get connected, look around, and breathe the air, right?

    • delightfilledart

      Thanks for pointing that out Dee – I hadn’t thought of it that way but it is something to strive for – sometimes my artistic process does not leave me very delighted at all :).

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