Eastside Culture Crawl, part 2: Crawling with Kids

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The fact is, it was easier to Crawl about five years ago. Even three years ago it was pretty manageable with one of my kids still in utero, and the other one riding somewhat cooperatively in the ergo. In fact that year, we even went to the studios at night, with the more party-like atmosphere.

Being a mom and an artist, I want to encourage the other parents out there that it is possible to enjoy art and culture at this stage. So while it was hectic, and we actually lost one of the children briefly, it was still worthwhile. Fortunately we happened to be chatting with a couple of friends, who helped us look!

I was able to (perhaps by photosynthesis or something) absorb some creative inspiration, connect with a few artists, and snag enough promo cards to be able to process what I saw later. Also managed to stock up on art supplies; even the Québécois cashier expressed surprise at the large pail of gesso I picked up. I found the right canvas that I hope will soon support the commissioned painting I’ve been putting off for a year!

So get out to some local art galleries or studios near you, or at least get out in nature this weekend.

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  1. I’m def going to attempt to get out to at least one gallery this weekend – baby girls in tow.

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