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Finally, I painted. I haven’t touched this painting for about two months. As usual my painting stalled halfway through. I lose the initial vision, become attached to things and am hesitant to change things. I put it up on the wall to think about it, then get used to it. Then, out of nowhere, I become gutsy and recklessly wreck for the greater good.

Now, the painting is a mess, but it is a good mess. I was advised to photograph paintings along the way, so that I could look back and see where I went wrong for future paintings; to pinpoint the spot where I should have stopped and called the work complete. So I did take a before and after picture today, and already I can see the composition has improved dramatically (in my opinion anyway). I will post the comparison in black and white; the colours at this stage would be a distraction. (By the way, the bottom left will not be white – I just needed to start that section over because it was getting too muddy.)

The concept of the painting was based loosely on the aerial layout of our family property, and landmarks from the past and present that hold meaning or memory for me. And although the painting was not to scale at all, there were still elements of realism that were hurting the overall composition as a painting – it was too choppy. I needed to create a flow through the whole piece to give the eye something to follow. I hope that this change will give it the flow that will help me complete it…in 2012.

I attribute this breakthrough to many factors that came together: the rearranging of my art space (my table moved about a metre to the west); the children allowing me an unheard of 10-hour sleep last night; 5 consecutive days of holiday; a lovely evening latte; finally not being sick or having a cold; and the subconscious pressure that my art exhibit is less than 3 weeks away and there are a couple other paintings I was hoping to finish in time for it (not this one).

This has been just another snapshot of what the painting process is actually like.

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  1. beautifulhello

    I completely relate to this! I find it works best for me to visualize the painting before even starting, then paint, then repaint where needed. Sometimes that is everywhere but we should be willing to do whatever it takes to make the piece successful. Nicely done!

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