Snow days

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mg_6994-800pxOut of character for this part of Canada, we’ve been enjoying blankets of snow this week. While my husband pushed the children down the street in a cardboard box (and a skateboard), I worked from home in a quiet corner.

I can’t get over how much brighter the house is, even at night, with the glowing whiteness outside every window. It’s such a welcome change after the heavy darkness I was describing a few weeks ago, seeping into every corner. The contrast made me think of the word “awakening” as perhaps a better word for 2012. I heard the story recently of a loved one who is experiencing a sort of awakening, and I’m excited at the prospect of this being a great year.

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  1. What a beautiful view and picture!
    Big love

  2. beautiful photo!!

  3. Here’s to a light-filled year!

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