Snowy showy week

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What a strange week we had, with heavy snow, a candle-lit evening with no power and howling prairie-style winds, and a little freezing rain to top it off. And after exactly one week of this, it was about +7 today and balmy.

And it will be memorable for me as the first week of my show. The paintings look better on the wall than I expected.

I took a few pictures one of the days I made it into work.

I kind of enjoyed the permanence of the snow; it reminded me of the three years I spent in Saskatchewan. Of climbing my “tree” and meeting my now-husband beau for a post-curfew chat. But I am glad it is melting now, like it should in the Lower Mainland of BC, so I can drive again without worrying about sailing off the road. Between the stress of getting ready for the show, registering my firstborn for French Immersion Kindergarten, and working (or not being able to get to work), I think I may have developed an ulcer! So here’s to a more relaxing end of January…just enjoying my reading (just read the biographies of Harold Town and Jock MacDonald in Painters11).

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