Sunshine, and lovebugs all over the place

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I haven’t posted much lately, because I haven’t been feeling very well, and as a result, I haven’t been making art really since I finished the painting streak right before the art show.

Today was different, dare I say “springlike” and I finally took that noontime walk around the village where I work, enjoying my vintage blue coat and new Amelie haircut and a delicious mocha from Euphoria chocolates. I was incredibly thankful for my job, where I get to be creative, and which I worked so hard to get. And thankful for the sun, that we so rarely see during the rainy season. We just all feel better when the weather is beautiful.

One thing I have made recently, with the help of my four-year-old, is a collection of lovebug pins that I found instructions for online. I apologize in advance if you aren’t in my daughter’s preschool class, because you’ll have to make your own :). We had fun! She has been looking forward to Valentine’s Day since last year…that preschool party had a lasting impact. So I decided to let her pick any craft off the website, and this was the one. It involved a trip to a few craft/dollar stores, but otherwise wasn’t too challenging. Though you should allow a week or at least about 4 days for this to dry in its various stages, and we learned that washable paint is probably not the best choice for painting plaster.

Now to finish counting down the days till she can hand them out to her friends…five days seems like an eternity.

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  1. spaark

    Ok those are adorable! I dont think I will be able to convince my 14 yr old daughter to join me at the table to make them though:( Hope your art show went well!(and that you are felling better enough to get back at it!

    • delightfilledart

      You mean this stage doesn’t last forever! Too bad. My art show is half-finished now. I’ve been hankering to do a painting all week, so maybe sometime this weekend I will work up to it.

  2. Jennifer Darawi

    They came out so well! I never would have thought of making pins to hand out in place of cards. Perfect for preschool!

    • delightfilledart

      Thanks! We wouldn’t have thought of it either, except it was on the first website that came up on google for “Valentine’s Day crafts.” We’ll see what the kids think of them on Monday.

  3. altarofheaven

    These are beautiful! What wonderful memories you are making with your daughter–just as she did not forget last Valentines, I’m sure she will not forget this one either πŸ˜‰

  4. aprilcairo

    your blog is so beautiful and full of great ideas for future parenting. April

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