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sketchin CMYK gouache

I had this design brewing in my mind over the last couple of days, and tried sketching it out a few times. I imagined it in realistic colours, but when I went to paint it I decided to use cyan, magenta, yellow and black gouache for fun. After all, that is what this sketchbook is all about – experimentation. My original design is a longer rectangle, so there should be at least 3 full circles in the bottom segment – having just two makes it look like binoculars. Perhaps I will try this again with a totally different look another time.


I took the day off today, just to spend more time with the kids, so of course I had to paint this while the kids were painting nearby. Note to self: that doesn’t work very well. I didn’t get a picture of my two-year-old, but he was wearing green pajamas and an apron, and had painted both hands and part of his face green. I did get a picture of my four-year-old:

painting a Christmas tree and a crab using ideas from a book.

And she took some pictures of me.

me painting

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  1. aprilcairo

    I love it Nancy! beautiful and impressive that you managed to create amidst 2 young children painting as well.

  2. altarofheaven

    Ah what memories your children will have! I like the thought of ‘taking the day off’ to be with the Children, you nurtured them so lovingly by sharing how God has gifted you! Thanks for sharing!

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