signs of spring
Signs of spring

I’ll be honest: March is not my favourite month. In British Columbia, it rains most of the month. In fact, it’s been raining pretty steadily since mid-October. It gets a bit dreary by January, and by March, I’m just done with the rain. It even snowed several times this week. I have been keeping my spirits up by taking as much delight as possible from the changeable weather and my lovely children.

This evening, after spending the day doing much-needed spring cleaning in the kids’ rooms, I took them outside with me to collect spring things. I could have included a worm and a toadstool in the photo, but decided to leave those behind (ironically, as you will read, because I didn’t want the kids to see me handling a poisonous fungi). I was inspired by a similar (and nicer) photo on another artist’s blog (see the March 13 post). I LOVE her blog – it is so vibrant and cheerful – so go check it out: Geninne’s Art Blog.

The kids created this little spring arrangement.

So after our stroll, the kids created a floral arrangement. I had to crop one of the crocus’ stems to fit in this antique jello mould, and when I turned my head for a second, they gobbled up the bit of stem! The 2 year old swallowed his, and the 4 year old spit it out as per usual. I then spent about 45 minutes in a panic remembering that crocuses are toxic. After some research, it seems that only the AUTUMN crocuses are poisonous. So far, he seems fine. But leave it to my son to eat a crocus.


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  1. This is beautiful!! I’m thankful your son is doing well! You made some awesome memories, thank you for sharing. I think I will try this tomorrow šŸ˜‰

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