Gaff Linkum

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book cover
“Gaff Linkum” by Archie P. McKishnie, 1907

I am so excited to have found a copy of this book online: Gaff Linkum. As I often do when I’m between books, I was browsing “As the Story is Told: a History of Morpeth and Community,” a local history book that was published in my home village of Morpeth, Ontario, in 1986 by the Heritage Society that my Great Aunt was a part of. I find it very interesting to read about my ancestors who lived in that area since the mid-1800s.

I was surprised by a page I had never noticed before, describing a novel called “Gaff Linkum,” written in 1907 by Archie P. McKishnie, who grew up in the area. Apparently it is about Morpeth, or at least some of the characters are closely related to real people who lived there in the 1870s.

For some time, I’ve been thinking about writing a book again, and I am becoming more and more convinced that it will in some way relate to Morpeth, or my ancestors, but I’m not sure what the story is yet. Reading this online is going to be part of my background research. I also have a big box of letters from my Great Aunt to her parents in 1939, and a few old journals of my Great Grandmother’s.

I can’t wait to go read it – I hope it has some interesting details.

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