Spring hike

The sun came out, and so did we. I love the luscious greens, layer upon layer of verdant mosses and sword ferns and lichen. One of the first things that struck me about west coast forests, when I hiked at Buntzen Lake with my best friend in 1998, was the beards of moss, draped over branches.

I took these photos this weekend with my family at Cultus Lake. My children are tough little walkers, making the uphill hike to see the “Seven Sisters” fir trees without much of a complaint. The forest air is incredibly clean and still, our footfall barely noticeable on the cushioned red earth. Only the occasional cadence of birdsong, the whisper of the treetops and the soul-flushing surge of a spring stream.

I am under no delusion…I know I cannot capture this beauty with paint…but the camera will do! I love that these turned out.

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  1. ajsartjournal

    This is a great post and the photography is stunning. I’d have liked to have been with you on that walk, the place looks magical.
    Big love

    • Delight-filled Leaves Art

      It really was magical – I feel blessed to live close to such beauty. I’ve loved wooded walks since I was a child going to summer camp, and here, there are hardly any insects to bother you when you walk.

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