Waterfall painting

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I started this painting two years ago, soon after we moved to our new home, so that the kids would have something uplifting to look at as they climbed the stairs to bed each night. Our family enjoys hiking, so I thought that would be a good fit. I painted the kids into a treehouse in the picture, but then left it virtually untouched for about a year and a half.

Last weekend I hoped to start a new painting but was struck with painters’ block, and couldn’t work on anything. I started on fixing this last night and I’m almost happy with it. The top right needs a little more work and then some finishing touches.

Perhaps inspired by working on this, we went to Cascade Falls today as a family, and found that it was closed for the season. We walked down to the stream anyway where the kids enjoyed throwing stones into the water. We value getting out into nature and finding rest and restoration there.

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