Evening with my little cyclists

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What an incredible evening, after a long work week, to just spontaneously go to the park. My daughter had called me earlier to say she had learned to ride her bike this afternoon without training wheels. She just had to show me. Our own driveway is pretty steep and tiny, so we headed to the nearest park that has an expansive mountain view and a large paved oval. You can see a tiny speck of my son in the photo above, riding his tricycle. So my husband pushed her around the track a few times, letting go for a few seconds at a time. They were up to about 6 seconds, and the next time, suddenly they were counting to 22. The next thing we knew, she was riding around and around the court.

Meanwhile my son was engaged with his sticks, deposited across the track in a pile, and with a hawk that flew off the gazebo. With his climbing, and his flowers, and his shadow that for some reason “is so big, even though I’m not that big.”

And I think about how much they both mean to me, and how blessed I am to be their mother.

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  1. Jennifer Darawi

    Way to go, Lillia! What a blessing, Nan!

  2. What a beautiful post.

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