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A few weeks ago, I was making some birthday cards using collaged images, and my daughter so desperately wanted to put her own image choices into the mix. Short on time and patience, I banished them to watching a video so I could concentrate on my cards.

So today, on Canada Day, we were all sick with colds and couldn’t really go anywhere. We pulled out some magazines and materials and worked on their first collages.

It was fun trying to teach some of the basic principles of composition to young children, but overall letting them lead on their projects and ideas.

We just happened to see the famous 1913 popart image by Kandinsky, and I thought – hey that is an easy concept for my daughter and I to imitate. She loves bright colours. So we pulled out the pastels and got colouring. Here is what we came up with:

I recommend doing something like this for 4-6 year olds. My son was too young (3) to be able to colour in a circle.


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  1. The art projects are awesome. I wish I’d had access to blogs like this when my children were younger. I always loved to do crafts with them.

    • Thanks. I’m glad I have so much access to creative community and ideas (sometimes too much). It can be overwhelming. But we have fun. My daughter enjoys cutting and gluing now, so we cut out pictures of furniture etc. and made a big picture of a house the other day.

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