Learning the art of spool knitting

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Recently I started teaching my daughter to knit. We ended up in a bit of a stubborn lesson on trying to tie a slip knot, the first stitch required in casting on. That is as far as we got. I saw some of these “spool knitting” kits on amazon, but didn’t buy one. My five-year-old was delighted to find this one, made by her grandfather, in the mail this week. She was so excited she got frustrated that she had just had show-n-tell and couldn’t bring this, and then upset that she had to go to school rather than sew all day!

On Friday evening, we sat down together to figure this out. The crochet hook proved to be frustrating (too blunt and the angle was not working out for her). She thought of using a chop stick. At first it was also too thick, but after a little visit to the pencil sharpener, she was able to manipulate the stitches once I loosened them a little. Before long, she was able to do the entire process herself.

Needless to say, she is very proud to be able to knit. I’m not sure what she will make with this rainbow-coloured string, but it’s turning out well. For any other parents reading this, I’d say the variegated yarn is a big motivator. This special gift from her grandparents will be a treasured memory.

Our only instructions were watching this youtube video. I guess I just need to watch the casting off section and we’ll be experts.

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  1. I can remember doing this when I was a child. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Good for her for even wanting to learn!

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