New year painting series

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This evening, I was finally able to give some thought to the new year. I was taken quite ill on Christmas Day, and as a result have not been up to doing any art or anything really over the holidays. Also, my usual art table relocated itself in November to a more private room, as I have been working from home. Its absence in the kitchen has led to an absence of art on my part as well.

My intention with this little series was not to make New Year’s resolutions, but rather to play a little with art. I was sitting, thinking about how I am overdue to reinvent my art website, which led me to contemplate the point of having an art website if I don’t do any art. So I cut up a scrap of 300 lb watercolor paper I had narrowly saved from my five-year-old’s creative gaze earlier this month and made these.

My husband caught me cutting these crooked papers out with the exacto knife without a ruler (using rulers and measuring devices don’t usually occur to me). So I don’t expect that this series will be of much value. But the process of making them helped me think through my new year’s thoughts.
I haven’t made any new year’s resolutions, and I don’t want to make the classic self-improvement or fitness goals. As I worked, I came across some phrases in my scraps of paper that resonated with me, and included them. For one thing I am hoping to draw nearer to God. Also, my experiences this past year have made me want to focus more on others – making others better and raising others up.

I haven’t quite decided how I will arrange these yet, but probably in a square, mounted on paper. I wanted to try to work small scale and on paper, rather than canvas.

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  1. Tammy

    I really like what you created. They are beautiful. Where do you get your inspiration for your collages?

    • Delight-filled Leaves Art

      I have a big collection of old papers from my great grandparents’ house that I like to look at, and often I just work from there. I don’t usually think about what I am going to make ahead of time, but work intuitively with what looks right to me. Usually it takes a long time. I also find that the process is meditative, providing space for me to listen to God.

  2. Loulou

    These are beautiful! They will look perfect mounted in a square together, as you’ve suggested.


    ps. You were wondering about my vintage woolen blanket … I must say I really love it. No, it’s not the softest blanket around but it’s so warm and weighty, and I find it cozy.

    • Delight-filled Leaves Art

      Thank you! My current idea is to get 2-3 woolen blankets, cut them in broad diagonal strips, and sew them together in a herringbone/chevron type of design…we’ll see how this goes! I will do a post if I actually get that far with my idea.

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