Homemade pizza

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My husband has been enjoying making bread from scratch this year. Our bread machine has taken up residence in a storage container as Curtis kneads, experiments and rests. Most of this goes on while I’m at work, so I cannot comment on his methods, but I’ve gotten to benefit from his labours. We often make our own pizza, because we love having all the toppings we can think up but can’t find in most stores.

This time in July, we loved eating in our backyard, looking up at the forest and enjoying the lack of insects we have bothering us in BC so we can just relax in the comfortable summer air.


My pizza was based on a favourite combination: garlic base, caramelized onions, sliced figs, anise seeds. I also added some cooked vegetables and a few pieces of chicken, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta and fresh arugla from the garden.

The kids’ half was their favourite: Chicken & cheese on a garlic base. The other half of the round pizza was my husband’s, with tomato sauce and mainly roasted vegetables and cheese.

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