Island painting

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Having an extra day off makes all the difference, and I pulled out a bunch of canvasses and started working on them. The kids were inspired and spent a few hours painting yesterday too…they took over my art table at first.

kids painting
The kids take over

But I took it back :). I finally more-or-less finished this painting, the one that has stubborn finger-paint (which STILL made a comeback).

Mixed Media painting of island

I found it so interesting that I’ve been working on this painting for over a year, and it looks so similar to the island where we travelled in October, which we canoed around a few times. I think it still needs one more element to break up the repetition of colour. True to my style, I’ve incorporated nature (arbutus bark, twigs) and collaging of old stuff I keep on hand.

island travel photo
This was the island that inspired the Island painting, when we were on vacation near Sechelt.

mixed media painting

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