Winter scenes, in progress

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A couple of paintings I am working on are inspired by the November landscape. In British Columbia, November means grey skies and yellow leaves, stormy rains and evenings dark by 4:30 pm. On overcast days, it seems dark all day. So the contrast of the yellow leaves clinging to the tops of the trees create a searing contrast. The painting, above, is in progress but I like the way it’s coming together. As with most of my art, there have been two other paintings started on this same canvas, and I’ve reworked it again with gesso, scratching through to some of the underpainting. I like the way this process adds texture.

The other painting I happened to have three photos of it. I expect to do quite a bit more work on it, but it has the same November landscape theme.

acrylic painting
Step 1
acrylic painting
Step 2
art studio mess
Step 3

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