November trees 2, creative process

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nov trees 2 progressWhen is a painting finished? It is one of the most challenging things about painting. I didn’t do very much work on this second November trees painting this past weekend, because I liked it more, which made me more worried I was going to wreck it. Often when I feel that way, I end up abandoning a partially completed painting for months. Eventually I’ll return to it and just do the smallest thing, and it’s done. Or, I’ll paint over the whole thing and do something else.

But this month I am trying to work with a little more discipline in all areas of my life. The kids motivated me to make myself a “sticker chart” to track my progress. One of the categories is painting, and implied in that category for me is to actually finish these two paintings. Just five more days to go.

I’ve been planning to redo my website for about two years, so that will be my next project. It’s a matter of photographing my work, but I usually then get sidetracked into wanting to paint more paintings before I photograph it. In the end, I’m motivated to paint, and after all, that is what I love to do.

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