Leaving busy aside

Christmas activitiesI’ve been taking a much-needed break over the holidays: resting, reading, and doing nostalgic things like playing board games, doing puzzles, cracking nuts by the fire. Thus the lapse in my posts.

Not that I haven’t been creative, though not in the painting and blogging sort of way. I made my husband a toque for Christmas out of an old shawl, some Barbie bedding for my daughter, some snow globes with my kids for their teachers (a saga almost worth its own post). Not to mention many posts on my family history blog, The Farmhouse Chronicles.

Capilano Suspension Bridge
One family outing we enjoyed in December was the lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

But once the holidays hit, I ran out of steam, and let myself just be. I read this article, which chances are, you’ve seen since it currently has 77K Facebook shares, about busy being no longer respectable, and I am so ready for that! Not surprisingly I have been very “busy” in recent years, working a full-time managerial job, raising two young kids, and trying to carve out time for my creative ventures.

Caleb marblesSome of our family’s choices over the past little while have been purposeful in protecting a lifestyle that is not too busy, such as not putting our kids in extra-curricular activities (they are 4 and 6) and just letting them play. But I think I will continue de-busying myself in 2014. I don’t want to be too “busy” for others, for meaningful community.

I wasn’t feeling very inspired to make a New Year’s resolution this year, though I did tell some colleagues I hope to keep a higher percentage of my thoughts to myself. But I hope that I can be more creative and not let busyness keep me from living life in full colour.

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