Sewing a skirt

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skirt sewing
The making of our skirts

I took a long vintage skirt that I picked up in the Champion Jack’s closing sale on Boxing Day (the local store has closed down, but they do have an online shop). I was not sure what to do today with two feverish children, so I cut the skirt in half and made skirts for my daughter and I.

I didn’t really follow any patterns, since it was already half-sewn, but here are some great skirt tutorials I found that I may try later:

The Drawstring Skirt Tutorial – I plan to try that one. I made my daughter’s with a drawstring patterned after the one on here.

The Harmony Drawstring Skirt – this would be cute for girls – much sleeker than the one I made, which was about three times as wide. My daughter likes hers full so that she can twirl better.

There are about a million more on pinterest, so I don’t think I will need to buy skirts in a store again for a while!


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