Pompoms for everyone

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making pompomsThe day we went to get our Christmas tree from a nearby farm, it was freezing. By British Columbia standards, anyway, at least -7 plus wind. I realize that isn’t that cold, but it did motivate me to make a pompom for my toque, which I had knitted in November (roughly following this pattern, during the process of which I learned I could do cable patterns using a chopstick).

I guess I should back up and document the tale of this button cowl and toque. It was the day before my daughter’s field trip to the pumpkin patch, and I thought, what better to wear than a lovely Malabrigo Rasta wool cowl. So I took my afternoon break at 88Stitches and finally picked out a priceless skein of teal feather wool. I knitted the scarf in one evening, including the discovery of the chopstick cable needle, and happened to have a couple of buttons from Granville Island from a long-ago-worn-out chair cover I’d sewn. Anyway, the field trip went great:

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Back to the pompom story: turns out that the logo off of the Honey Bunches of Oats box in our recycling box was the exact size of cardboard I needed to make a pompom. I just cut out two of these doghnut-shaped spheres, and cut a slit through them. Basically you wrap yarn around and around, then cut the yarns along the outside of the circle. Tying them up was a bit tricky. I tried various things, including hiding the yarn inside the two cardboard circles until the end. For “real” instructions, you might want to watch this video.

Both of my kids thought this activity looked fun, so they each made some pompoms. My on tied his to his stuffed dog’s collar, my daughter intends for them to end up on her toque, but instead the cat has been playing with them.

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