Collage series 3: The Big House

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collage beginning
Collage series 3: Big House – beginning

Following the theme of buildings that are familiar to me, I decided to do my third collage as a portrayal of the Big House at Fort Langley National Historic Site, the birthplace of British Columbia. The current building was reconstructed in 1958 on the site of the original building, where BC was proclaimed a British Colony in 1858.

Big House Fort Langley collage
Progress shot 2

I built my “Big House” out of an old receipt, which I have from my great grandmother’s old papers. I love the different shades of brown, and the marks that age, pencil, ink, and the carbon on the back of the receipts achieve.

In tune with the rest of the series, I used hand-painted papers, old papers, music sheets, etc.; mainly torn and collaged using acrylic gel medium. The finishing touch, below: stitched on the flagpole.

Fort Langley Big House collage on paper
Collage series 3: Fort Langley Big House


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