Ice bridge – progress

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mixed media painting in progress
Painting masked to work on sky

I cannot count how many times I have returned to this canvas. At first, I covered it in black gesso and tried to create something in the vein of a past painting I did that worked. But this time, it just didn’t work. I covered it many times with different ideas and layers. Seeing the black gesso peeking through layers of white reminded me of ice. I decided to try to paint an abstract winter scene. But again, it got shelved for possibly close to two years.

Painting studio
Working in daylight – unusual for me!

Recently, when working with the concept of contrast, I picked it up again. I looked at the two pieces of map that are collaged in, one being Russia and one part of Canada, and I got the idea of the two land masses with a gap in between, like the Bering Strait.

As usual, I had to let go of some elements I was holding onto: favourite scraps of paper or lines. I tried to improve the composition and repetition of certain elements.

mixed media painting ice
Ice Bridge: Bering Strait; almost finished. 2014 – Nancy Hildebrand

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  1. i love experimental artist a lot, they are not afraid to explore their thought. That is who you are, and i love this piece, it’s fresh and raw. Nice one

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