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Day 8: Contrast

Since it was our day off, and it was quite cold outside, we decided to do some painting. When thinking of contrast, what better medium to choose than ink? I quickly sketched a few windswept pines, and my four-year-old decided he wanted to try using the ink brush too. He had just tried using the willow charcoal and had drawn some sort of graph, so I expected his ink piece was going in the same direction. So I was quite surprised when it turned out he too was drawing trees.

We don’t do this too often, but the entire family was painting at the same time! I’m so glad we aren’t registered in any sports or programs at this time so that we have time to be creative and be together. This is an intentional choice that we make as parents. I expect we will have the kids do some sports or lessons, but we don’t want to be too busy to live.


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