day 15 mood tree sceneOn our weekend family hike, we took an adventure in a new direction on the nearby trail. It was an overcast day, but kind of flat light. I loved the look of this lonely tree, above, which I think captures some sort of mood.

We were surprised to see this somewhat urban-looking tunnel full of street art, which was juxtaposed with the natural beauty of the plain and the forest where we usually hike. With the power lines and the discovery of the burned paper, below, with the charter of rights and freedoms, it was quite a dark mood.

The land, as we carried on, was also starting to show signs of spring. Where moss grows, it was rich and verdant green. It was mild enough for the kids to enjoy a little snack beside an enchanted brook. And we found some pussy willow to bring home. I would describe the mood of this set below as content: we are content as a family, enjoying everything these days. It is not always easy: life is very busy. But we love being together on our weekend walks or creative times. We are content where we are.

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