day 18 depthDepth is defined as the distance from the top or surface of something to its bottom or complexity and profundity of thought. In my creative process, both of these definitions present themselves. Layers and layers of both thought and media go into my mixed media collage-style paintings.

I love nature and wanted to instill this into our kids as they walk up the stairs to their rooms, so I painted this waterfall scene to remind us of the hikes we love. As I often do, I collaged in some natural objects into the water and rocks at the foot of the waterfall (silver dollar leaves and seeds). You can’t see it from this perspective, but I painted the children into a treehouse on the right, and made a ladder out of broken twigs.

On the right, you can see the detail of a different painting that shows many layers of different papers, paint, a butterfly wing, pastels, etc. One of my favourite parts of creating a painting is near the end when I just add these finishing touches, which often create depth, colour and rich texture.

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  1. Christi Dos Santos (@ChristiDosSan)

    Love the waterfall painting on the left. I find the work in layering to probably be the most difficult in painting: Layering is a necessary process, but it doesn’t look pleasing while you are half way through the job -which is not the easiest thing to get over when you are busy trying to create a visually intriguing piece.

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