day 20 multicolourI love colour, which I’ve photographed already a lot this month. By the time I got to multicolour in the instagram #artsydefined series, I turned to my little helpers for ideas. Anyone who lives with or works with children know that they are very colourful. They have Lego, trains, picture books, “rainbowish” things, primary-coloured clothing.

During the hours I was home that evening, between work and another engagement, I worked with my six-year-old daughter to make a butterfly out of paper plates and things. She had gotten this idea on an extra feature of a DVD. Surprisingly for someone creative, I really don’t enjoy crafts very much.

While we toiled over this elaborate butterfly mobile, I asked my four-year-old son to make me a bookmark. I have been so worn out this month that every night I’ve spent my usual reading time just looking for the page I was on last, then promptly falling asleep. I guess using a bookmark might seem obvious, but I can usually get by without one.

My son slathered the piece of card stock I gave him with glue, and lined up this colourful array of plumage. I love it!

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