day 25 scaleRounding the bend of this artsydefined photo challenge, I needed some inspiration for scale, so I turned to the kids for help. My six-year-old set up the cat display pictured to the left, and my four-year-old posed for the bubble-head photo.

Now these are very literal examples of scale, and do not really tie back to art. But what I did manage through this day’s photos was to teach both my children what scale means. Ever since, they’ve been pointing out examples of scale to me. When I got home from work the next day, my son had made these triangles just so that I could photograph them. As an artist and career mom, I couldn’t hope for more than to inspire my children to create art as well!

wooden triangle craft     Day 25: Scale - My four-year-old's interpretation of scale
wooden triangle craft
Day 25: Scale – My four-year-old’s interpretation of scale

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