First acrylic painting

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My daughter saw me working on my forest painting, and asked if she could try painting one too. Paint with my art supplies, that is. I knew this day would come, when she would want to try something a little better than the crayola paints we usually pull out. I agreed, and said for her to just go get some paper. She tentatively stroked the edge of my canvas and said, “That’s not paper.” I recalled that I had recently found a canvas pad in my box of extra supplies, so I pulled that out and started showing her how to use the various tools and paints. She loved experimenting with the palette knife, a comb, splattering paint, etc.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is such a touching post! That day came for me, too, one day a lot of years ago. Now my oldest is off in college, following his Dad into accounting, while my daughter and I just set up her very own easel!

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