Delighting in spring

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blossomsI love being able to take photos wherever I go now, though the quality is not as good as with our “real cameras.” I find it has never been easier to enjoy beautiful moments throughout the day, and never miss smelling a rose or watching a sunset or noticing a rainbow.

This sounds a little sappy, but where we live, there are disadvantages: expensive housing, traffic, excessive rain…so I try to take delight in things when I can. I’m thankful for spring, the emergence from rainy season, the early blossoms, the spattering of rainless days.

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  1. Same with me. I am thankful for my 8 mgpixel camera on my smart phone for the same reason. The picture is stunning and the quality is just fine. Beautiful uplifting post.

  2. Delightful, indeed 🙂

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