Sewing streak

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I was inspired to do some sewing by this cute dress that I saw on instagram by lemonadeamsterdam. Within 24 hours, I sewed two dresses (the first two I’ve ever made) and a skirt for my six-year-old daughter. It’s great having an eager little model who likes wearing dresses.

handmade child's dress
Red dress with vintage floral band

I started with this red one, because I had a big piece of red cloth. (By the way, this is not a tutorial…I am not a very precise person, so there are probably thousands of better instructional posts out there if you are attempting to sew a dress). I’m fortunate to have a box of cloth scraps, as well as a functional sewing machine, borrowed from my mother-in-law. There are a few great pieces of vintage fabric in the collection, like the blue daisy fabric along the bottom of this dress.

tracing a dress as a pattern
Not a great photo, but this is the only one I took while making this dress. This was the dress I traced to get the general size for the dress.

I traced one of my daughter’s existing dresses, leaving extra inches all over. Then I basically did a lot of stitching wherever there was a rough edge. We put a long zipper in at the back. The difficult part (where a pattern would’ve been nice) was the shape around the arms and neck. It turned out a bit snug at the top, but it fits well without extra shirts underneath. Stay tuned for a few more spontaneous sewing projects.

red dress window

handmade child's dress
And of course, a silly pose.




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