The “Rectangle Skirt Deluxe”

handmade skirt girl in forest
Perfect outfit for an evening walk in the woods for this adventurous girl.
child wearing handmade skirt
My daughter loves this skirt – she chose the cloth and trim. The waistband and pockets have golden angels on them.

Next up on my sewing streak was a skirt, inspired by the “Rectangle Skirt Deluxe” tutorial that I spotted on pinterest. Look at this little wonder – adorable!

Rectangle skirt
Source: Groovy baby and mama blog

The tutorial had pretty good pictures that I could follow, though the instructions were not in English. I deciphered most of the important points using google translate, except for a couple key points: the pockets and the waistband.

blue cloth and vintage floral rick rack
My daughter’s choice of cloth and trim for the skirt.

I googled another pattern to figure out the pockets, since I couldn’t detect whether it was the front or back side of the cloth when attaching the pockets.

sewing skirt, in progress.
Pockets – in progress – these kind of remind me of elephants. I do a lot of these projects at night, thus the poor lighting.

Another problem, possibly lost in translation, was that the skirt’s ample fullness ends right below what appears to be a non-elasticized waistband. The one I cut was too snug for elastic to make any difference, and my daughter could barely pull the skirt on, so I ended up cutting it and adding a zipper at the back.

blue rectangle skirt
Finished product

So while the final outcome was a little bit botched, I have a happy client who eagerly wore the skirt to school the next day, and our evening stroll that followed:



handmade rectangle skirt with pockets
Skirt in action on the schoolyard
children's fashion skirt in forest
Wandering in the enchanted forest
Children by stream
I love how imaginative our kids are, and I want these clothes to get played in (though it is a very muddy time of year!) My son chose this walk after having seen the trail head last week. He navigated us driving back to it tonight. It was a good pick!
mossy fern covered tree
Another tall mossy ferny tree
mossy old tree with licorice ferns
Beautiful licorice-fern and moss coated branches above my head.
siblings making nature boats
This picture captures the essence of our family at this stage! The kids were making boats out of sticks and racing them in the stream.

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